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Portal angel # 1/24/24 Sound Bath
Portal angel # 1/24/24 Sound Bath

Portal angel # 1/24/24 Sound Bath

Embark on a transformative journey of sound and spirituality, where the resonating energies of numbers unveil profound insights into your inner self.

Time & Location

Jan 24, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM MST

76 S Sierra Madre St Suite C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, USA

About the event

Immerse Yourself in the Resonating Frequencies of 12424

Join us on a unique journey of sound and spirituality at our upcoming sound bath event, "The Vibrational Energy of 12424". This event promises an extraordinary experience, blending the healing power of sound with the profound spiritual significance of the number 12424.

Unlock the Mysteries of 12424

Dive deep into the essence of the number 12424, a unique composite number weaving the vibrations of numbers 1, 2, and 4. Each number contributes its distinct energy, creating a symphony of spiritual meaning and harmonious balance.

  • Number 1: The Start of a New Journey: Embrace the energy of new beginnings, individuality, and self-confidence. The number 1 in 12424 symbolizes the journey towards self-discovery and personal empowerment, encouraging you to shape your destiny.
  • Number 2: The Harmony of Duality: Explore the dual aspects of your life and the universe, seeking balance, harmony, and cooperation. Number 2 resonates with intuition, adaptability, and the pursuit of your life's purpose.
  • Number 4: The Foundation of Stability: Ground yourself with the energy of number 4, representing determination, practicality, and building solid foundations. It encourages hard work, responsibility, and progress.

Experience a Harmonic Convergence

Our sound bath will be a tapestry of resonating sounds and vibrations, each aligning with the energies of 12424. As the frequencies of sound wash over you, they will resonate with these numbers, aiding in aligning your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Connect with Like-Minded Souls

This event isn't just about the sound bath; it's an opportunity to connect with a community of individuals keen on spiritual growth and self-discovery. Share your experiences, insights, and journey with others in a supportive and uplifting environment.


A sound bath is a meditative experience where people are "bathed" in sound waves produced by various overtone-emitting instruments, including singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and more. During a sound bath, people lie down and listen to resonant sounds, allowing their brain waves to slow and shift from a more active state to a more relaxed or dreamlike state. The goal of the experience is to invite deep rest and relaxation, explore self-inquiry and self-discovery, and help people let go of stress, anxiety, or other worries. A sound bath is typically a way of managing anxiety, soothing the nervous system, and blocking all the ideas and thoughts out of your consciousness as you connect with your body.


Please bring a blanket or bedsheet to cover our padded cushions, your favorite pillow, and leave your yoga mat at home. Dress comfortably, bring water, and eat beforehand.

For the best experience and to ensure a harmonious start for all participants, we kindly request your timely arrival. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated. Doors open 7 minutes before event start time.


$39 per person

76 S Sierra Madre St Suite C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, USA


If you have any serious medical condition  (i.e. metal in the body brain injury, recent surgery, epilepsy, etc...) make sure you get written permission from your doctor allowing your attendance of a live sound bath. The reason being that some conditions do not take well to the strong vibrations of sound baths. Additionally, please inform Gigi of your condition before joining us at our sound bath, thank you!


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