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Harvest Full Moon Sound Bath and Cacao Ceremony

It's time for that famous cacao. As you unlock the Power of the Harvest Full SuperMoon! 🌕 Join us for a celestial sound bath that aligns your energies with the lunar peak. Elevate your spirit and set amplified intentions in a sacred space of sonic alchemy.

Time & Location

Sep 29, 2023, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM MDT

1102 S 21st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, USA

About the event

Step into the mesmerizing luminescence of the Harvest Super Full Moon—an extraordinary celestial event that promises to elevate your senses and spirit. As the moon appears larger and brighter in its closest approach to Earth, this unique alignment magnifies the already potent lunar energies. Known by early Native American tribes as the Corn Moon, it's a time that celebrates harvest, transition, and the fruitful yield of intentions sown. 

Our evening begins with a tailored guided meditation to ground you in the moment and harmonize with the moon's heightened energies. This serves as your cosmic gateway to the evening's transformative sonic journey, led by our esteemed sound healer, Gigi. Melding a celestial blend of sacred instruments—from crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls to gongs, chimes, ancestral drums, flute, and more—Gigi will craft an auditory tapestry that synergizes with the Harvest Moon's illuminating influence. 

As the sound waves wash over you, let them serve as conduits for the moon's energy, purifying your aura, unburdening your emotions, and imbuing your spirit with tranquility. Take advantage of this potent time to set your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead; intentions that are supercharged by the moon's  extraordinary energetic pull. 

Mark your calendar for this unparalleled night of sonic alchemy and celestial alignment. You'll leave not just relaxed, but spiritually enriched, your intentions amplified, and your inner world in radiant alignment with the universe's grand dance.


If possible, we ask that you please bring your own blanket or bedsheet to cover our cushioned floor mats. No yoga mat needed! We can provide these items for you if you're unable to bring them. Please dress comfortably, bring water, and eat beforehand.

We kindly request that you arrive punctually, as the doors will be sealed promptly to maintain a closed container for our journey together.


$36 per person

1102 S 21st St, Colorado Springs CO


If you have any serious medical condition  (i.e. metal in the body brain injury, epilepsy, etc...) make sure you get written permission from your doctor allowing your attendance of a live sound bath. The reason being that some conditions do not take well to the strong vibrations of sound baths. Additionally, please inform Gigi of your condition before joining us at our sound bath, thank you!


-invites deep relaxation

-reduces stress and anxiety

-improves sleep

-boosts energy

-reduces tension

-improves mood and sense of happiness

-increases focus and mental clarity

-enhances creativity


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