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Cave of the Winds Sound Bath
Cave of the Winds Sound Bath

Cave of the Winds Sound Bath

Get all your energy aligned steping inside the Cave of the Winds for a sound bath meditation and Reiki, combining powerful forces, where the echoes of ancient traditions reverberate through the caverns, melding the earth's geological past with the healing power of sound.

Time & Location

Aug 25, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM MDT

Cave of the Winds, 100 Cave of the Winds Rd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829, USA

About the event

Dive deep into the heart of the Earth with an immersive Sound Bath inside the cathedral-like chambers of Cave of the Winds!

This unique experience takes place within one of nature's most majestic creations, a cave system renowned for its geological marvels. Cave of the Winds, with its rich history and natural beauty, provides a backdrop that enhances the sound bath experience. Hosted by Gigi Turner, PsyD, with 9 years of experience, and classic guitarist Dave Patrick, will fill the cave with a rich soundscape of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Flutes, Gongs, and an amazing fusion of live music including Native American Flute, Guitar, Hand Pan, and more. The sound waves reverberate through the ancient limestone chambers, inviting participants to connect with the primal energies of the Earth in a space where time seems to stand still.

This sound bath journey is a celebration of the natural and the spiritual, blending the cave's storied past with the transformative power of sound. The Cave of the Winds, known to both Apache and Ute Native Americans, carries the legend of the Great Spirit of the Wind, adding a layer of sacredness to the experience. As the harmonious vibrations fill the cave, participants are offered a unique opportunity to explore the depths of their own consciousness in a setting that has been a source of wonder and spirituality for centuries.

Learn more about this natural wonder at Cave of the Winds

Join us in the heart of the Cave of the Winds for an unforgettable sound healing journey, connecting us more deeply to the earth and to ourselves.

Special Offer: Gigi also offers a complimentary 1-hour integration session post-event to discuss any emotions or experiences that arose during the sound bath.


A sound bath offers a unique meditative journey, immersing participants in a sea of soothing sound waves generated by instruments like singing bowls, gongs, and chimes, known for their rich overtones. In this deeply relaxing experience, individuals lie down and are enveloped by resonant sounds, which facilitate a shift in brain waves from an active to a more tranquil and dreamlike state. The essence of a sound bath lies in fostering profound rest, facilitating self-exploration and discovery, and providing relief from stress, anxiety, and daily concerns. It serves as a therapeutic practice aimed at calming the nervous system and clearing the mind, allowing participants to deeply connect with their bodies and inner selves.

Underpinning the sound bath experience is the science of vibrations, a fundamental principle that recognizes the vibratory nature of all existence. From the microscopic cells within our bodies to the infinite expanse of the universe, every element resonates at its own frequency, together creating a harmonious symphony of life. Sound baths utilize resonance to realign our vibrational frequencies, promoting holistic well-being and a deep sense of harmony with the universe.


A camping chair or yoga mat is required to ensure your comfort on the hard limestone floor of the cave. Also - please bring water, warm clothing, blankets, or a sleeping bag, as the cave can reach temperatures as low as 50 degrees.

For the best experience and to ensure a harmonious start for all participants, we kindly request your timely arrival. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated.


100 Cave of the Winds Rd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829


If you have any serious medical condition  (i.e. metal in the body/brain injury, tinnitus, epilepsy, metal in the body, etc...) make sure you get written permission from your doctor allowing your attendance of a live sound bath. The reason being that some conditions do not take well to the strong vibrations of sound baths. Additionally, please inform Gigi of your condition before joining us at our sound bath, thank you!


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