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Sound Bath Experiences
for Every Occasion

Elevate your special events with a sound bath. Our unique sound bath sessions are meticulously designed to bring deep relaxation, unity, and inspiration to retreats, weddings, corporate events, and conferences. Suitable for both intimate and large groups, our collection has over 70 singing bowls alongside an array of instruments including gongs, flutes, handpans, chimes, and much more.
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Enhance your retreat with the serene sounds of our singing bowls. Our sound baths offer a profound way to deepen relaxation, encourage introspection, and facilitate a transformative journey for all participants. It's an unforgettable experience that enriches any retreat program.

Corporate Events

Break away from the conventional and introduce your team to a sound bath experience that promotes well-being, creativity, and unity. Ideal for team-building, stress reduction, or as a refreshing break from meetings and workshops, our sound baths are a novel way to boost morale and productivity.


Distinguish your conference by offering attendees an extraordinary sound bath session. It's a powerful way to reduce stress, enhance focus, and leave a lasting impression on participants, fostering a conducive environment for learning and networking.


Make your special day even more memorable with a sound bath ceremony. Our sessions provide a unique and soulful way to bond with your partner and guests, creating a moment of collective tranquility and joy that sets the tone for your life together.

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